About Lifemapper

Change Thinking for Global Science:
Fostering and Evaluating the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change


During the lifetimes of our current middle and high school students, it is likely that our planet will undergo more anthropogenic change than it has during all of human history to date. It is imperative that the next generation inherit the ability to apply complex reasoning to the study of the impact of global changes on ecosystem dynamics. Lifemapper services were used to create an online workbook called SPECIES (Students Predicting the Effects of Climate In Ecosystems) with visualization and modeling tools. Students in 7th - 12th grades use SPECIES to understand the dynamic interactions within ecological communities, including the capacity to interpret data, critique scientific evidence and apply their knowledge of scientific concepts to current topics in global science.

Lifemapper services enable students to learn about climate change and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems by visualizing and exploring the relationships among current and predicted environmental conditions and species ranges.

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