Lifemapper Tools

Lifemapper Web Services

Lifemapper has created a set of web services for publishing the data, metadata and analysis for range and diversity experiments and species distribution modeling. They connect existing computational efforts in environmental biology by providing open access network interfaces for service integration with client application and other biodiversity web servers. Scientists can access these tools by posting directly to our web services or using the Lifemapper clients.

Lifemapper provides data, metadata and analysis services using accepted communication and data standards:

Lifemapper exposes web services that return xml documents or spatial data from a simple URL query. These services can be used by any application, including our Lifemapper web applications. The Lifemapper project has initially offered some basic web services to the public. Additional data, query, and analysis services will be offered in the future. Please contact us with your suggestions!

Lifemapper web services enable users to list, query or download Lifemapper archive data, such as input environmental layers, species occurrence sets and predicted species habitat maps. Users can also request LmSDM or LmRAD analyses using their own or Lifemapper-provided data.