About Lifemapper

New Directions for Lifemapper

Specify Software

As the first step toward deeper integration between the collections and biogeographic and phylo-geographic research communities, we connected Lifemapper mapping services and Specify 6.4 software. We will continue to integrate Specify and Lifemapper through web services, enabling Specify users to launch and monitor species distribution model requests as well as manage custom species data sets and environmental data sets associated with biogeographic modeling experiments. Specify will become an increasingly versatile, open source platform for research workflows, which start with specimen information.

Earth, Life and Semantic Web (ELSeWeb)

Lifemapper mapping services steps into new territory with “Earth, Life and Semantic Web (ELSeWeb): An Earth observation-driven, Semantic Web system for computational modeling of the impact of changing climate on ecosystems and human/environmental health systems". The project joins with the Cyber-ShARE department at the University of Texas at El Paso and the NASA-funded Earth Data Analysis Center at the University of New Mexico to provide a streamlined mechanism for discovering, accessing and using Earth observation data to create environmental models that help scientists understand the environmental impacts of climate change on human health and disease. ELSeWeb will first model the impacts of climate change on animal and plant species using Earth observation and climate change data. Next, modelers will be able to experiment with potential human and environmental change scenarios. Lifemapper and EDAC will publicly catalog the parameters, data, and analysis steps in each computational experiment so that other scientists may easily discover and understand model output as well as the choices behind it. These unique capabilities will transform scientists’ ability to collaboratively investigate the implications of different climate change scenarios for a wide variety of human/environmental systems, particularly as they relate to the nexus of environmental factors in human health and infectious disease.